Weddings in Zawiaty

Weddings in Zawiaty

"Perfect, beautiful, wonderful, full of joy and happiness,

this is what we wish for your Wedding Day to be"


We invite you to organise a traditional wedding in ZAWIATY on the Jasień Lake. The principle of this exceptional party is the use of rich Kashubian traditions and particular hospitality of local residents. Additionally, an extra touch is a proper decoration of the wedding hall.

In order to especially satisfy the Bride and Groom and their families we will prepare a rich menu, containing typical local delicacies. Our spacious hall will seat up to 120 Guests.


A Suite for the Bride and Groom GRATIS !!!


In the wedding offer, apart from the wedding menu, we can also prepare for you:

  • a buffet with country-style dishes
  • the wedding fish buffet
  • flaming ham, pig or boar
  • homemade cakes
  • chocalate fountain


  • we can provide accommodation for all wedding Guests, up to 120 persons
  • we can help you select a music band or a DJ
  • we can provide a kids activities organiser
  • fireworks show or Fire Show
  • we can provide a costumed group


A unique location of ZAWIATY makes it an ideal venue for all those planning a charming outdoor wedding.

The wedding ceremony can be officiated here on the pier with a beautiful view of the surface of the Jasień Lake. After the wedding ceremony all Guests are invited to an elegant restaurant room where luxurious menu is served. Therefore, even the changeable weather will not ruin your wedding scenario.

Our staff will take utmost care of the room decoration according to your suggestions and recommend the businesses preparing wedding parties. We will offer you the music band, a photographer, a wedding gown shop, flower shop, limousine and other vehicle rental. Our certified wedding expert will take care of the detailed organisation of your wedding party. Such form of assistance is particularly appreciated by our Clients.

We guarantee the bride and groom and their families that their wedding in ZAWIATY will be organised professionally and it will be a memorable experience for all the Guests.

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