Attractions and Facilities

ZAWIATY is a place loved by children. With children in mind, we have prepared our facilities and many attractions.  Boredom is not an option. During summer season our experienced  Free Time Organisers conduct exceptional 5-hour kids activities for 3 age groups.

Mini Zoo
Baby Club
Guarded beach

Attractions available at the Centre

  • Mini Club (at the beach)
  • Baby Club (in the main building)
  • Kids Playgroud
  • Foosball table and table tennis tables
  • Trampoline
  • Mini ZOO
  • At the beach sandbox toys, buckets and other beach kids accessories
  • Lifebuoy, inflatable armbands, swimming boards
  • Football pitch with football available
  • Bikes with kids seats and helmets as well as kids bikes
  • children books and family games library

Wildlife attractions

Czarna Dąbrówka  is "the Land of Forests, Lakes and Rivers", that's why all nature lovers with find real nutural treasures here.

Słupia Valley Natural Landscape Park

Słupia Valley Natural Landscape Park is the only valley park in the Province of Pomorskie. Its area was formed in the period of the North Atlantic icesheet melt which resulted in the richness of landscape forms and significant height diversity of the area. The park's characteristic feature is its afforestation, as much as 72% of the area is covered by forests. The most frequent forest composition is the fresh and mixed pine forest, less frequently the swamp forest, small streches of which were formed in the raised bogs in the final stage of afforestation. The Park's deciduous forests are represented by a few types of compositions, with the largest area covered by the lowland beech trees: acid and fertile, the river valleys are filled with riperian forests and oak-lime-hornbeam forests as well as willow shrubs.

Jasień Lake

Jasień (Jasień Lake) (kaszb. Jezero Jaséńsczé) - a ribbon lake lying in the Bytów Lake District [Pojezierze Bytowskie] in the poviat of Bytów of 577.2 hectares of varied shore line with seven islands. It divides naturally into two basins (North Jasień and South Jasień) connected by a narrow strait. Łupawa River originates from this Lake. The Lake is situated in the Słupia Valley Landscape Park. The road bridge runs over the said strait whose span is slightly over 1 m above the water surface. On the northern end of the Lake in the village of Zawiaty we can find the recreation centre with watersports equipment rental. 

Łupawa River

Łupawa River runs through the Oborowo Lake and Jasień Lake. Then it runs through the moraine hills and the seaside lowland. Finally it flows into the Gardno Lake in the Słowiński National Park. It is one of the most beautiful and the wildest trails in Pomerania region. There are water power plants on the Łupawa River. This is the second after the Słupia River, interesting trail where one can admire hydrotechnical infrastructure. Some power plants are available for visitors. Łupawa belongs to the trails through which you can get directly to the Baltic Sea.

River length - 98.7 km

Trail length - 95 km

Slope on the trail - in the upper course of the river - 3 ‰

Slope on the trail - in the lower course of the river - 0,8 ‰

basin area - 924 km²

Tourist attractions in the vicinity

Bike Trails

When you come to ZAWIATY it's good to bring your bike or rent one from our free bike rental  You will surely be enchanted by many bike trails.


”Nad Łupaw” Bike Trail

It is a loop built in 2009 by the village of Czarna Dąbrówka in the programme of "Cycling Tourism good for health - and environmentally friendly”.

Trail Course: Czarna Dąbrówka, Kozin, Zawiaty, Ceromino, then by railway embankment to Czarna Dąbrówka.

Trail length - 25 km


  „Na kolejowym szlaku” [On the railway trail] Bike Trail

A former railway route connecting Miastko and Lębork. For many years this route was forgotten. Each commune prepared its own fragment and on 1 July 1995 a new bike rail was opened. Unfortunately, with the passage of time the signs have disappeared. The trail was forgotten once again. Hilly and naturally diverse area allows for the trail to run once along the railway embankment, crossing the wetland meadows, only to go into a deep trench after a while. It is a perfect and unusually attractive trail. The section crossing the commune of Czarna Dąbrówka is 24 km long from Soszyca through Ceromino, Zawiaty, Kozin, Kozy to Kotuszewo was remarked in 2012.

Trail length - 24 km


„Pętla Kaszubska" [Kashubian Loop] Bike Trail

Runs through 7 communes: Bytów, Tuchomie, Borzytuchom, Dębnica Kaszubska, Czarna Dąbrówka, Parchowo, Studzienice. The concept of the trail course was prepared in 2007 at the order of Słupia Basin Partnership Foundation. "Our Commune - Our Home" Association during the operation entitled "Marking and promotion of Bike Trails in the Commune of Czarna Dąbrówka" marked this course of the bike trail in July 2012.

Trail length - 120 km


„Nasypem kolejowym” [Along the railway embankment] Bike Trail

This trail was built in 2011 by the villages of Czarna Dąbrówka and Jasień in the programme "Learn Local History and Relax on Your Bike”. The new trail runs through an old railway embankment from Czarna Dąbrówka to Soszyca /a branch to Jasień/ connecting with the connection trail of "Kashubian Loop" of Bytów-Soszyca. You can reach Bytów /27 km/ riding along the railway embankment.

Trail length - 18 km

Information for Anglers

Jasień Lake is also the anglers paradise. Of course fishing requires the purchase of a fishing permit. You can also rent a fishing rod and a fishing boat  (PLN 40.00 per day).



Geographically a ribbon lake - Jasień Lake lies within the Bytów Lake District [Pojezierze Bytowskie], 15 km north of Bytów. It lies on the Łupawa River trail, which runs through it. The Lake lies at the same time on the territory of Słupia Valley National Landscape Park. Its area is 589 hectares, it is 1.5 km wide and up to 32 m deep. The lake shores are well developed, up to 25 m high and strongly afforested. 7 small islands lie on the lake, where we can find colonies of cormorants and other water birds. On one island there are remnants of the historic fort.

In the lake stocked twice a year (in spring and in autumn) there are various species of fish:

  • bream
  • roach
  • eel
  • perch
  • pike

Fishing Permit Pricelist:

     1 day - PLN 10.00

     7 days - PLN 50.00

     14 days - PLN 80.00

*The charge includes night fishing from the shore, boat spinning from 1 May - 30 November. The PZW [Polish Anglers Association] Rules are in effect on the premises. Roach protection size: 15 cm.

Tourist Attractions

ZAWIATY is an ideal point of departure to visit many tourist attractions offerred by Kaszuby region. Here are our recommendations. You can't miss:

Kaszubski Park Miniatur [Kashubian Miniature Park] - 30 km from Zawiaty 

Park Dinozaurów k. Łeby [Dinosaur Park near Łeba] - 50 km from Zawiaty 

Słowiński Park Narodowy [Słowiński National Park] Moving Dunes - 50 km from Zawiaty

Water Power Plants Trail  

  • Water Power Plant in Soszyca - 15 km from Zawiaty More Information
  • Water Power Plant in Gałąźnia Mała
  • Water Power Plant in Struga
  • Water Power Plant in Wiesowice

Water mill in Poganice - 35 km from Zawiaty

Chmielno Muzeum Ceramiki Kaszubskiej [Chmielno Kashubian Ceramics Museum] - 40 km from Zawiaty

Castle of Teutonic Knights in Bytów - 20 km from Zawiaty

Observation Tower in Wieżyca - 40 km from Zawiaty

Szymbark -„Upside Down House”, Siberia Exiles House, Raiway Museum, The longest plank in the world and many others - 40 km from Zawiaty

Stone Circles in Węsiory - 30 km from Zawiaty

"Through Five Lakes" Wildlife Trail - 15 km from Zawiaty